Hello! Merħba! Hallo!

We are Joanne and Jannik – travel enthusiasts and food lovers ??. We met in 2016 on Malta ?? and we got engaged in Singapore in 2017 ?. After thinking about it for a while, we decided to start writing about our travels, our experiences and a lot of other things we think are worth sharing. We are currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland. We love exploring new places and we are always up for new adventures. ? So stay tuned for more ?

Joanne is Maltese and a lawyer. She likes shoes, nail polish, clothes, reading and everything cute. One of her big dreams is to visit the big apple. 

Jannik is the patient one, he is originally from Germany ?? but moved to Malta back in 2016. Jannik is a software-developer, who is always coming up with new ideas of what he can do next. He is very open to try different things and rarely says no to suggestions. Jannik loves aircraft and anything aviation related! ✈️

Joanne and Jannik ☺️?