Nottingham is the home of Robin-Hood, situated north of London in the East Midlands. Being a small city it offers what most big cities in the UK offer. From shopping to must-see sights and places to eat. It is a perfect alternative for a short break.

Here are some pictures we took during our visit (which was back in April – yup quite a while ago). It seems that Nottingham Castle, pictured below was closed in July and will reopen in 2020, which is a bit unfortunate as it is one of the beautiful attractions that one needs to go to. We were lucky that given the time of the year that we visited Nottingham, nature was blossoming and provided for beautiful photos as can be seen below. Enjoy and let us know what you think if you visit.

LaValette Lounge, at Malta International Airport

LaValette Lounge, at Malta International Airport

Statute of Robin Hood

Nottingham Castle

Afternoon Tea at Patisserie Valerie

City center 

Escape Lounge at East Midlands Airport