Living in a different place than your family and friends means that they would visit you and there is nothing more appealing than you offering them to stay with you during their visit. We had a couple of family and friends staying over quite frequently since we moved in together, the following are some tips on how to make them feel comfortable.

1. Wi-fi

One of the most important things is to provide access to wifi – it is a good idea to have the password and the network name handy for when your guests arrive. There are some free downloadable templates to make a cute frame with the necessary information for easy access to wifi on the web.

2. Food ?

Depending on who the guests are, most likely you would know what kind of food they like, if they have an allergy or if they have an intolerance to a particular food – if you don’t just ask! We usually stock up on food for breakfast for the entire stay of our guests. We try to keep it simple but at the same time to have some good variety. Another important thing is to provide bottled water – not everyone likes to drink tap water even though it may be potable.

3. Plugs ?

Few countries have the three-pin plug and mostly have the two-pin – therefore we always find it useful to have some extra adapters for when they are needed. We also keep handy an extension and some multi-plugs for when our guests need to charge all their gadgets. A bonus would be if you have some extra charging cables that are compatible with the most common phones (like Samsung and iPhone).

4. Towels and toiletries

This might be quiet an obvious one – have some extra towels available for the guests. Providing a place where they can hang it after they use it would help both your washing load and the environment. If you have one bathroom make it clear to the guest that they can use the other basic things that they might need like toothpaste and shower gel.

5. Fresh bedding and comfortable bed ?️

This is another obvious one – have fresh nice smelling sheets ready for your guests. Depending on the weather have the necessary things to make the room warm or cool. Having an extra quilt and some throws would always come handy. Some extra pillows are another bonus since these give you the ability to use what is preferred by your guest.

6. Storage

This one depends on the size of the room, it is not always possible to have an empty wardrobe or cupboard for the guests to use. However, some empty space even if just a spot on the floor free of furniture to put the luggage is a must.

7. Directions and tips on places to visit ?️

Although our guests mostly visit to visit us, it is a great opportunity for them to explore the country/city (would be a pity if they don’t!). Have some recommendations ready for them and a must-visit list. Giving them tips on how to go somewhere will put them at ease when they go out to wander alone. If possible sit down with them and discuss different place or take the time to go explore with them.


8. Other

Decorations will give a lively feel to the room. These are not important but can take the room up a notch. It’s the little things that count, so a little plant or a cute picture on the wall will do the job.

Remember that not one single person is the same – the needs of your guests vary. Even though you are hosting them out of your goodwill it is nice to make the guests feel welcome and as if they are at home, rather like they are a burden. You should always speak to them if they are doing something that might be annoying you or if you think they might offer a helping hand when it comes to things like washing up the dishes.

The most important thing to do and be prepared for is to have fun with your guests and try to spend as much time together as possible, after all, they did take a plane to come to visit you. ?