Christmas is round the corner and buying presents can be such a headache. Here’s a gift guide for that person in your life who loves nothing other than travel!

Neck pillow 

Nothing better than making the trip comfortable for someone. These neck pillows from Samsonite are inflatable so that they can easily be deflated and put away in a tiny pouch.

Travel book/guide

Whether a travel guide about a place that they want to visit badly or a random place to instinct the wish of visiting that place, a travel book would go done nicely. My personal favourites are Berlitz or Lonely Planet.


Blocking all the noise out while traveling is bliss. These wireless ones from Sony do the job perfectly. Similar, if the person you’re buying gifts for prefers in-ear headphones, these come as wireless too.

Power bank

Nothing worse than your phone dying on you whilst on holiday. A power bank ensures that you have a backup of charging when you can’t be stuck to a plug. There are varies ones on, like this one here which is not bulky.

Luggage tag

This cute one from Antropologie comes with a matching passport cover too. Or this one from can be personalised.

Now onto the more pricey gifts for that special traveller in your life…

Good durable luggage/travel bag

Well, travelling isn’t possible without a good luggage. Whether it is a hand luggage, a full-sized luggage, a rack sack or a little personal handbag it would sure come in handy at some point.



Starting from £60 and going up to £230, a Kindle is a perfect gift to keep you busy whilst on the move without needing to carry thick books.

VIP Lounge pass

Varies airports offer the possibility to use the VIP Lounge at an extra cost. This will be the perfect way to start a holiday. For example, a one time pass through the La Vallette Lounge at Malta International Airport is €35 and gives you access to the lounge, unlimited food and drinks.

A flight

This one is a bit more tricky and is recommended for someone you know really well. First of all, if you are booking specific dates you need to make sure he/she would have time off to actually make the holiday. Another issue is that if you gift someone a holiday they need to book accommodation and budget for spending money – so you need to be certain that this fit in their budget. But hey, if you have been listening to that special someone saying how much he would love to visit Rome – just go for it, after all, travel is always a good idea ?