Today’s post is the perfect combination of travel and Christmas. We have a little tradition that whenever we travel somewhere and we manage to find a Christmas bauble we get it for our tree. It may be August and you will find us looking for baubles ? Here are some of the baubles we have collected…unfortunately we don’t have for every city that we visited as it tends to be difficult to find them ‘out of season’ and they tend to be very expensive ?

The bauble that started our collection we go it from Milan in 2016

Stockholm, Sweden 

One of my favourite baubles and surprisingly I got this from Primark!

M&M’s bauble, from the London store

Another favourite one from Harrods, London 

Barcelona, Spain

Lisboa, Portugal

Valencia, Spain

Strasbourg, France

Cardiff, Wales

Our latest edition from Disneyland, Paris. This was a difficult one to choose since we’ve been to Disneyland in late November and they had all kind of baubles for every character! ?

Looking forward to collecting more baubles from around the world. I am always gutted when I don’t manage to find any (e.g. like in Singapore) but for some other places like Edinburgh and Glasgow, we just never got round to buying any – I think we have some Christmas bauble shopping we need to do ? Do you collect any specific baubles/anything specific for Christmas? If so, show us part of your collection ?